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Drone Matters began as an idea one fateful day up in the mountains near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. On a vacation, Brian and his buddy decided to charter a helicopter to see the beautiful Coast Mountains… from a vantage point few get to see.

Brian had reservations about being that high up in a small flying contraption with only a couple of rotors and a skilled pilot to keep them airborne. Gripping the helicopter’s door handle with dear life, he could barely contain his fright and the sheer beauty of the city landscape and the mountains below. Needless to say, whatever videos and pictures that he took that day were shaky and blurry at best.

Once safely on the ground, Brian thought to himself, there must be a better way to view and film a large geographical area without having such a white-knuckle (and expensive) experience. That’s when he did some research and discovered hobby drones that were starting to get very popular everywhere… and his passion for drones began.

Hi, I’m Brian Leonard and I started dronematters.com as a drone hobbyist, for drone hobbyists. As an outdoor enthusiast and traveller, it was never easy to get those special types of aerial shots or footage yourself… until small, inexpensive hobby drones became available to consumers like us.

If you’re here on our website, it’s because you’re also interested about drones, how they work, how you can use one for various applications, etc. We’re here to provide you with valuable information, the latest news and drone reviews to help you make an informed decision on your next drone purchase.

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