Dinogy 4S 14.8V 1800mAh 70C

Dinogy 4S 14.8V 1800mAh 70C

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Dinogy Lipos use the latest Nano Conductive Technology to create batteries that can handle over 200 cycles, retain power output, and maintain a lower internal resistence than other batteries.  These batteries have been used to win multiple competitions all over the world and will provide great performance for you as well!

The latest in-depth load tests carried out on some of the most popular Lipos used worldwide can be found here... Its a big thread on RC Groups but well worth the read. Dinogy Lipos were categorised in the top three of the best and the testers' favorite! http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1767093&page=26

All Dinogy Lipo batteries have a six months limited warranty valid from the purchase date. They're warranted against manufacture defects such as 0 voltage, puffed cells, and other manufacturer defects.



  • Cells: 4S (14.8V)
  • Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Constant discharge: 70C 
  • Size: 33x34x90mm
  • Approx weight: 201g
  • Max charge rate: 5C 
  • Power Plug: XT-60
  • Balance Plug: JST-XH