Rapstrap - 6pc
Rapstrap - 6pc

Rapstrap - 6pc

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  • 10mm x 300mm x 1.25mm per strap
  • Loop strength: 12kg
  • Weight: 2.9g per strap
  • Average ties per strap: 3-6 times

Made from elasticated polyurethane, a single 300mm rapstrap typically replaces up to 5 standard ties, greatly reducing waste and lowering costs. It's soft, flexible and extremely versatile, it won't pinch or crimp like nylon ties can, and it's flexible enough to be used on plants or other delicate installations.

  • Soft and flexible design
  • Controllable tension - pull to required grip
  • Gives up to 5 ties per strip
  • Can be released and reused if required
  • Can be double-looped for use on plants & canes
  • Reinforced rear cells
  • Supplied in tear-off sheets of 6

Perfect for:

  • Strapping down the mobius to a frame (it's flexible, so you can pull it out again
  • Strapping down a battery
  • Strapping down wires
  • Not to mention various uses around the house!